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With more than 20 years experience as a writer, I am more than able to help you develop your ideas, and bring them to fruition.

"As someone who didn’t study literature academically, Jamie has done a wonderful job of leading me in my discoveries, whether it's the narrative scope of my writing, or character development, or any number things. One thing I love about working with him is how much emphasis he puts on building a piece from the sentence up; it doesn’t matter if I’m working on a short story, novella, or flash fiction, his attention to sentences, and how even a slight rearrangement can change the entire feel of a piece, has opened my eyes not only to the potential of my own sentences, but also to an entirely new world of writing, one that builds and builds, and takes things apart, and builds again, molding meaning out of a few words that have become malleable and all the more powerful through the inventive use of language. Without Jamie's expertise, close attention to detail, and invaluable nudging (letting me kind of find my own way with a little kick in the ass), I’m not sure I would have finished anything substantial. He was a huge help in the revision process when I was preparing my novella to submit to publishers and even had a few suggestions for where to send it. For anyone serious about his writing and wanting to take it to the next level, I’d highly recommend working with Jamie Iredell."

"Jamie Iredell has helped me realize my dream of having my own cookbook and introduced me to styles of writing I never knew existed. Not only was his coaching style fun and engaging, but he held me accountable and made me stay on task! There was no way I would've been able to accomplish this without his help."

"First of all, I would like to thank Jamie Iredell for all of his hard work. I was lucky enough to find Jamie through Adam Robinson, from the Good Book Developers. I approached him with my project, a science fiction novel series with two finished manuscripts ready for editing. I spent months searching for the right editor and finally I came across Jamie. He quickly showed interest in my project and his passion instilled confidence that I had found the perfect editor, and I couldn’t have been happier. Jamie has helped me grow as a writer and his out-of-the-box thinking and expertise in the genre helped mold my manuscript into a quality science fiction novel. The results show in his professionalism, and within a year of working together, we’ve produced a finely-crafted novel, which we both are proud of. Jamie Iredell is an amazing person to work with. He shows real interest in your project and your vision and is willing to help you mold that into a quality product. His insight and experience in the genre also gives you the tools you need to adjust your novel to the readers. He’s easy to talk to and very friendly. He’s always able to listen to your concerns and doubts, and is very flexible and understands your situation. My experience with Jamie has been an exciting journey that has helped me grow and further develop my writing skills. It would be a pleasure for me to recommend Jamie Iredell to any aspiring author who is looking for an affordable, professional editor and mentor, it has truly been fun working with him."

S.N. Jones—Barcelona, Spain

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